Action stations – confusion reigns!: I figure that everyone caught in Ambrosia’s time slip might have difficulty coming to terms with it, trying to understand it in particular ways based on past experience. Given we’ve seen Maya Applecross, for example, construct elaborate mindscapes that can seem to take hours within, in reality, only a few minutes… it makes sense for Charisma to think that a telepath might be the cause. Go!Anna’s found herself in a vision or two before, so she’s not sure what to believe. Kaycee and Rochelle though, while unsure what “went wrong” are right on the case! Olga, using her many more years of experience as Gola, is able to pick up the threads quickly!!

Smith-Smith: This is Ranger Bill’s last name (as per the Cast page)… likeliest explanation, his parents both had the last name Smith prior to marriage and decided to, y’know, become Smith-Smith… 😀

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 161 is now up – page 162 soon…

Next update: July 21, 2022: Annie has some explaining to do!