Final places…: Sounds like Rochelle managed to get through to Tom Bass! In addition to touching on where Charisma and Kaycee are, and Go!Anna, Dane and Tros… we also get to see where flying powerhouse Billy was (airborne) and that speedster Nadine has split the scene. Both Billy and Nadine perished following the initial Rarg attack, so maybe they’ll have a less fatal outcome this time?? Ditto Freya, Ken Spence and Justine/Redd who previously got roasted to a crisp by Sista Superior in that elevator!

For cameo completists… in frame three, in addition to Billy Banks, we see his fellow third year flight enabled cadet Fabian who is almost never seen, so yes, he’s still a cadet at Magellan. Also, second year Jaxine Jax… she of the purple wings, who bit the dust after being skewered by the Rarg in the previous timeline… and fellow second year cadet, Ravi Chopra as goddess Shakti. First introduced in Olga & Brelvis and then seen briefly in Lock(e)down in pages 6.182-83.

In panel 4, in addition to Nadine there is second year cadet Verne Julze, also briefly introduced in Olga & Brelvis… looks like he’s a speedster too! No word yet on the identity of the first year cadet in the background. But it does seem to indicate that Magellan Academy like to recruit at least one speedster per annual intake.

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