Magellan USA: Bet you weren’t expecting to check back in on Magellan USA so soon… had to get this out of the way before we deal with everything else.

For people new to Magellan… (welcome!)… Magellan USA (consisting of Glom, Flambé, Liberator (leader), Maestro, Twilight, Greyhound and Battlestar) previously had a different experience during their investigation of Prometheus Corp – starting from page 7.73.  As you may guess, Greyhound is a speedster and definitely one of the fastest! And as for the middle panel, no, Go!Anna isn’t insulting the two characters… they are She-Hog and Heavy Metal Frog… rookie and sixth year cadet on placement respectively, currently biding their time in the Magellan USA jet… first seen starting page 7.84.

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