You have to be kidding me…: As you may remember, the Rarg did drop a little “this is why we REALLY hate you” message into the brains of the survivors just before the end of the world – see pages 7.153-154 . Hm. Wonder how that changes things.

Oh yeah… and Sista Superior might find her rampage [see, for example, pages 7.49, 7.60-62, 7.95-96, page 7.103 and 7.156-157] cut short this time…????

Patrons: Apologies for the lack of updates, that should change over the next 3-4 weeks… hoping for a lot of new content. Page 181  up soon…

Next update: Apologies, end of work year capers have interrupted my ability to get sat down and Magellan… getting back on track with updates now…December 26, 2022: “Glass half…”???