Say your prayers!: Epoch to the rescue! One of the things I appreciate about him as a character is that when it is time to bring the FOOSH CHOOM KROM he never hesitates! Anyway, that’s Sista Superior taken care of… for now, anyway… next up, the Rarg!

Also, we finally learn Sista Superior’s first name! Exciting, I know! 😉

I know some people were wondering if Ken would try the “space bugs/space demon” line from last time… but I figured this was a very different situation where he’d believe Justine and Freya would have a better chance at escape if he could sacrifice himself.

Patrons: Page 7.188 is now up on Patreon… 7.189 published soon…

Happy New Year!: First page for 2023! Looking forward to getting more Magellan content to you this year. I’m certainly hoping, all things going well, to wrap up PaRARGdox within 70ish pages! 😀

Next update: January 14, 2023: Powering up!