VOMM!: As we previously saw on page 7.110-111 with Der Rote Verteidiger and Contessa Q, the Rarg’s VOMMinator Ray acts as a smaller scale localised depowering weapon. Those two Euro Magellan heroes plummeted to their deaths… lucky for The Hierophant he has Charisma to catch him in the new version of events!

Colour ARRRGH: I had a wonderfully fully coloured page and… let’s just say my computer did something I’ve never seen happen before… and I lost half of it. Ugh. Anyway, because I’m going to be away for a couple of days, here’s the half finished page for now. Will pop up the final version around Tuesday.

Patrons: Page 7.191 is now up on Patreon… 7.192 published soon…

Next update: February 4, 2023: Incoming!