Trolley problem: OK, some familiar faces for long time readers. But for those needing a reminder/catch-up, we have here Charisma Epoch (styling a new do, as seen in the earlier pages and cover) and Billy Banks (still with his long hair and sideburns, but with, um, a man bun too!) Anyway, these two are the flying bricks of third year… strong, largely invulnerable and able to fly. We’ll delve more into Charisma’s ongoing one-sided feud with Kaycee Jones as the story progresses… but needless to say it hasn’t changed all that much since the last encounter we saw – here on page 6.336.

Also, we see Mark Morgan (aka Bamboozl) from the Faculty teaching – he was first seen way back on page 1.19… unintentionally coincidental that it is, but appropriate that he should finally get a speaking role on page 7.19!!

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Next update: Wednesday, April 1, 2020: Who dies for the greater good?