Who dies for the greater good?: Some more familiar faces… speedster Nadine, PherNian cephalomaid Fatima, super brainy Rochelle, gravity manipulator Sioni, and non-powered norm Kaycee. I’ll presume you’re all familiar enough with them to not need any links… after all they appeared in chapter one and have been seen at many points, in most stories, along the way.

But yes, the superhero Magellan did die for the greater good – sacrificing himself to stop the Q’Arth demon invasion of Earth in the process back in 1972! It’s mentioned throughout Magellan but shown in a flashback starting on page 4.04

When I first introduced the red third year cadet uniforms back on page 4.161 in Bad Karma – and indeed, the concept of the colour coded years – I never realised how bright they would be en masse! (No wonder red shirts are an easy target!)

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