Special delivery: Sista Superior, the super strong and thuggish “nun” who can shoot plasma blasts from her fists was name dropped by Marco several pages ago as being on the loose. Even Charisma is name dropping her! She and the “good” Sista have some history… and previously duked it out in the pages of Lock(e)down – see page 6.304 (and elsewhere, more on that some other time).

Anyway, seems like Force Magellan were on the case and her freedom did not last long!

We see here Go!Anna (who was made a member of the team at the end of Lock(e)down -see page 6.338) with (a bit of) Tros as co-pilot, Ranger Bill and Epoch. There’s an additional team member in the plane who is just a silhouette here… but anyone who has checked out the Cast page recently might already know who that is.

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Next update: Sunday, April 22, 2020: Welcome home, Force Magellan. Here’s your next emergency.