No shower for the wicked: We now have the full complement of Force Magellan on deck… last panel shows left to right:

  • The Hierophant (current team leader; able to summon the powers of the Greek Pantheon, but only one at a time);
  • Go!Anna (joined last year; able to climb walls, etc; long distance leaps; kick arse fighter and tactician);
  • Tros (six limbed Mlabban; very strong);
  • Epoch (flying brick… flight, strength, invulnerable);
  • Punchin’ Judy (rookie placement straight out of the Academy; strong and invulnerable);
  • Ranger Bill (telepathically linked to his nanobot swarm – gives him flight and a multitude of gadgets at his disposal).

You may remember Punchin’ Judy from Lock(e)down… on page 6.198. It’s not uncommon for graduates to get a gig with Force Magellan (or any of the other Forces spotted around the globe), especially if there is a vacancy – in this case it is Vertigo and Hoodoo who are temporarily out of the picture. As we saw at the end of Lock(e)down, Vertigo needed to recover from a significant near fatal injury and Hoodoo decided to take some time to raise her newborn baby. Doesn’t mean we won’t see them this story… but they’re elsewhere for now. Check out the Cast page!

The detention facilities at Force Magellan HQ are clearly considered sufficient to contain Sista Superior… at least for a short while.

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