Interspecies incident!: We’ve name dropped Euro Magellan a few times before. Famously, Sioni did his field trip there back in Worst Field Trip Ever… see his ‘review’ on page 5.140! We haven’t seen them yet… will we in this story?

And what’s this? A West and East Coast branch of Magellan USA? Why, that’s never been done before by any other super group ever, I’m sure! (Actually, as noted in the Cast page, there’s also a Southern branch too)

Also, you might remember Paradoximan… who debuted on page 6.198 as a sixth year cadet. He and and Punchin’ Judy were two of the several graduates from Magellan Academy’s Class of 2010 (that’s last year, Magellan time). What are the chances of him showing up in a story called PaRARGdox I wonder?

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