RoboMat explosion fall out: Time to follow up on the events seen in pages 7.16-18. We rejoin first year cadets Ambrosia, Morgana, Marco and Eli… following their “little incident” in the RoboMat. As you might recall, Ambrosia saved the day but there are still questions to answer!

We also catch up with Justine Keff (aka Redd) and Freya Foster (aka Vybe) who haven’t been seen for a while now. Both are on the Faculty – Freya is an empath and counsellor; Justine, who has super strength but no invulnerability, has – as one of her multitude of tasks – the job of keeping the cadets in line. No doubt she’d be banging her head against the wall if she were invulnerable.

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Next update: Sunday, May 11, 2020: Ambrosia’s time-slippin’…