To fracture the timeline…?: Okay, the first re-appearance of two more semi-regular cast members – Ken Spence (Academy Council member, founding member of Force Magellan, Academy co-founder, former superhero aka Nitro-Man who can shoot plasma blasts from his fists, and general hard ass) and Tom Bass (current Faculty member, head of security, and superhero aka ThundaKlap who can vocalise sonic destruction). They’ve been seen throughout Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, etc…

Anyway, here they are in the next room from Freya, Justine and Ambrosia… with some thoughts on Ambrosia’s time slip ability. The way I see it… in most cases, what Ambrosia changes by slipping back one minute only affects some very localised event. She slips back and changes the outcome… meanwhile, the rest of the world continues on as it had and the same thing happens everywhere regardless… some temporal sensitive people might experience deja-vu. The act of slipping back exhausts her temporal charge for at least a minute, so she can’t keep continually jumping back from a specific point.

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