Class dismissed: There’s a fair few things happening in this page. Firstly we have Dane – a member of Faculty first seen in an unnamed cameo back on page 1.19 with a follow up sequence co-hosting the Understanding Terran Cultures Support Group on pages 5.12-15. He is also an extra-terrestrial and the Academy’s pre-eminent expert on life forms beyond Earth. Other than that, and the fact he is alien from the planet Haaj, he has no special powers and has never gone into superheroing… one of the few Faculty heads not to do so.

He mentions Force Magellan making first contact with Tros’ people, the Mlabbic, this was first seen in the History on page 7.

Finally, most of Year 2! These cadets were largely introduced (as Year 1 cadets) in Brelvis & Olga, and have since had various follow up appearances in Lock(e)down and The Olaf Mystery.

When First Contact Goes To Shit: Unlikely to be a story we ever see in Magellan!!

Second year cadets: We have seen the powers of a number of these cadets in previous pages. Here’s a breakdown for those seen above…

  • Olga: telepathy/mind stuff
  • Brelvis: uh, dog stuff?
  • Ornuk: shape-shifter
  • Sun: magnetic manipulation
  • Yasmeen: witch
  • Kyunda: self-multiplication through division
  • Ravi: avatar for Shakti, goddess of women (whatever that entails!)
  • Jai-Jai: pixie magic
  • Svetlana: insect mind control (talks to bugs!!)
  • Isina: able to grow in height (length, not so much size)
  • Jaxine: big purple wings… can fly!
  • MoMo: alien with laser blast eyes (all six of them)
  • Dylan: has a wylding form
  • Olaf: reanimation (?), healing (??), other weird stuff
  • Woz, Verne, Simon, Yoko, Buddy, George, Leigh: unknown…

Of the other cadets, not seen above:

  • JJ: negative energy
  • Lee: Chinese Lantern in training
  • Maria: light emission
  • Matt: sub-zero temperature control

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