The more Force Magellan uncovers…: OK, back to Force Magellan – following on from pages 7.27-29 – trying to get to the bottom of the Rarg attack at Jupiter. Not only are they joined by extraterrestrial expert and Faculty member Dane, but also two members from Magellan USA (New York)… Liberator (team leader, strong and invulnerable) and Twilight (telepath). Both these characters were introduced in the pages of Redux.

Der Rote Verteidiger: The Red Defender! A member of Euro-Magellan who has been mentioned by Sioni… check out Worst Field Trip Ever page 5.140! And Go!Anna’s joining in on Ranger Bill’s sledging? Well, he was in the same year as she was… seen graduating with her in The Things That Matterpage 1! He appears to be sans cape, but that is no longer the case!

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