Speaking of Magellan USA…: We leave Magellan Island for a few short pages to look in on Magellan USA, half an hour ago.

As you may recall, this super team, normally found on the East Coast of the United States, is currently In Southern California investigating what went wrong over at Jupiter. They were last seen talking to Force Magellan via vid-link on pages 7.36-38.

Just a quick reintroduction to the characters… Liberator and Twilight in panel 2. Then we get Greyhound and Glom in panel 4, with Flambé along with Maestro and Battlestar there in the last. Twilight is a telepath, and we were largely introduced to her abilities in Redux but she played a major part in Lock(e)down. Greyhound is a speedster who we’ve seen in Dr Spooky & The Case of the Missing Corpse and, of course, Legacy. No specific pages as they’re kind of throughout. The whole team has an extended cameo in Locke(e)down – see from page 6.113. Flambé was actually the first to be introduced, in a cameo with Dr Spooky, way back in Bad Karma – see page 4.119.

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