Speaking of Magellan USA…: Well, that escalated quickly! Who is this very mean lady?! If her last name – Dion – sounds familiar, it was Nathan Dion who was the CEO of Prometheus Corp… at least before his demise by Rarg.

Also, as we’ve previously established, the sound VOMM is never a good sound in the Magellanverse. Curious that Prometheus Corp should have such a similar weapon… or maybe not so curious, as Dane might say.

Greyhound makes reference to a West Coast branch of Magellan USA… clearly they’re not on site. Prometheus Corp HQ is in South California, quite remote. Maybe the West Coasters are at another site or dealing with something else… who knows! Will we get to see them in this story? Stand by!

BTW, Patreon patrons might catch that the opening dialogue by Liberator is a bit different from that originally published there. Not much, just enough to make it clearer why the East Coast Magellan USA is in California in the first place.

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Next update: Wednesday October 21: A bad time for an abduction…