Hold onto your intestines: Some patrons over on Patreon were wondering if the effect of being teleported by Padma gives everyone nausea and/or if they get used to it with time. I’d say yes, in most cases. I’d say going through one of Padma’s jumps is not too dissimilar to one of those fair rides that drops you from a height, major air turbulence and rough seas all rolled into one. As she is also a long-range teleporter, the greater the distance the worse the effect. So yes, Alpine Bob, she should carry barf bags with her at all times!

Patreon: By the way, should it be a thing that interests you, my Magellan patrons over at Patreon have been getting full previews three updates ahead of schedule. And you can too for as little as $1 a month… 😎

Next update: Sunday November 8: (sorry no Wednesday update, have a week from hell coming up at my day job) Euro-Magellan!