Meet (some)of Euro-Magellan: So, a brief introduction to some (not all) of Euro Magellan. Some we have previously seen before ย in various cameos…

Paradoximan was introduced as a sixth year cadet during the battle against the sentient Locke Island in Lock(e)down – see page 6.202 to see the start of the scene with his paradox power at work.

Der Rote Verteidiger was name dropped by Sioni at the end of Worst Field Trip Ever – see page 5.140. He was glimpsed, unnamed, at his and Go!Anna’s graduation in The Things That Matterpage 1 of that story. His power set is “mid range flying brick”.

Phlache – a speedster – was also seen at that graduation… in uniform there but sans uniform at the Fast Club recruitment meeting (NSFW) in Legacy!

This is a debut for Contessa Q and Edderkoppen. Patreon patrons might notice this is the third variation on Contessa Q’s costume colour scheme. Apologies, I just hadn’t felt I’d nailed it down for her until now.

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Next update: Sunday November 15: (sorry no Wednesday update, again day job still causing major time and energy suckage. Hoping to be back to twice a week updates from the following week…) What is Euro Magellan’s Twenty Third Rule?