Rule 23: My non-cannon musings on Rule 23 is that someone in Euro-Magellan, at some time, had a very lamentable/laughable ability…Monsieur Soufflรฉ, perhaps…?

Patreon: By the way, should it be a thing that interests you, my Magellan patrons over at Patreon have been getting full previews three updates ahead of schedule. And you can too for as little as $1 a month… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Next update: Sunday November 22: I had hoped to have rebuffered enough to resume twice weekly updates, but life is conspiring with other agendas. I am working towards getting Wednesday updates back, but this week will not be when that happens. It’s time to repel the Rarg! But first… some bickering.