Let’s pause for some death and bickering: Sadly, not even first years are safe from the massacre.

We rejoin Ambrosia, Rochelle and Sioni and pick up from a mere minute after we last saw them on page 7.70.

Morgana was first introduced back on page 7.14 after which she was maimed in an explosion but saved by Ambrosia time-slipping. Looks like that isn’t an option this time.

This is the one page that was partially lost when my Mac had a melt down a few weeks ago… again, thank Mog for the backup or I would have lost a lot more.

Also, thanks for the comments – wow, we broke the 60 posts last update!

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 83 is now up…. 😎

Next update: Sunday November 29: One more week of once a week updates… then I expect to be back to twice a week!! Grimdark origin…!