More death and destruction: Back to Olga, Brelvis, Olaf, Sun and Jasmeen… we pick up from page 7.71, without barely a second passed.

Olga references the “healing” of the deceased  Svetty in The Olaf Mystery. Myth has it one needs to pay the ferryman to reach the afterlife… so maybe one needs to pay to come back to life too. Gee, wonder what that might be? As Vile Terror and I have a vested co-interest in Olaf, I sent them a preview of this page. They have some interesting insights and thoughts on developments which I’ve invited them to share in the comments below.

Ornak is the short, blue, shapeshifter… last seen with the others on page 7.11. I’ve realised that, with Olga, Olaf and Ornuk, there are a lot of cadets in this year whose name starts with ‘O’. Makes like difficult for Brelvis, no doubt!

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 86 is now up….  😎

Next update: Sunday December 7: Go!Anna, calling Magellan USA…?