Go!Anna, calling Magellan USA…?: Back to Go!Anna with only a few minutes passed since we saw her last on page 7.72. Oh, and yes, she does step out of the faraday cage before trying to use her comms… 😉

Oh, and then, over to Prometheus Corp HQ in Southern California where we saw Magellan USA get into a fair bit of trouble – starting from page 7.73.

Turns out though, that wasn’t all of Magellan USA…! Who are these two stay-behinds? Well, nothing yet on the blonde… but you might remember the man frog dude as an unnamed cameo first seen in Bad Karma as a Year 4 cadet on page 4.149. Year 4 back then… so Year 6 now. I later went on to name him on the Cast page as Porgus Vat, an anthro-frog whose condition was due to a curse. What does this have to do with anything? Stand by!!

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Next update: Wednesday December 9: Beta Team Go!!?