Beta Team Go!!?: For those of you wondering why Prometheus Corp hadn’t come a knockin’ at Eagle-One… they’ve just arrived.

Beta Team: not really a beta team as such, just the rookie placement (meaning she graduated in the same year as Punchin’ Judy and Paridoximan) and a sixth year cadet (same year as Hair’port /Padma Singh who we recently saw placed with Euro Magellan) who have been left behind to “mind the ride”….

She-Hog: Yep, that’s her code-name. More on that (how and why) and her very significant power, next update…

Phrog: When I first introduced Porgus Vat, the only sound he ever made was “ribbit”. At the time, this was just me being silly. It was also years before I was ever aware of Groot of  “I am Groot” Guardians of the Galaxy fame. So yeah, She-Hog apparently knows what Porgus is saying… you just have to know Phrog. “How does one learn Phrog?” you may ask… I have an answer but that will have to wait for some other time.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 87 is now up… page 88 probably won’t be online until Saturday  😎

Next update: Sunday December 13: SHE-HOG!!!!