Keeping it together: If you were expecting a page of She-Hog beating the crap out of Prometheus guards… sorry to disappoint!! Back to the team of teleporter Hair’Port and speedster Phlache… on a recon mission for Euro-Magellan. Last seen on page 7.80… although less than a minute will have passed by their time.

The story probably feels like it is jumping around at this point… that’s because it is. As you might realise, we are starting to near the scene of carnage  that we first saw 80 pages ago… and there’s a lot going on!

I’ve probably  previously, but worth restating, Padma Singh, a sixth year cadet placement, is a long distance teleporter… and lucky for her she doesn’t need to see where she is porting to in order to make the jump.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 90 is now up… page 91 will be up in a few short hours…  😎

Next update: Sunday December 27: Euro-Magellan…