Don’t lose your head!: At least we know now which is the floaty part of Olaf! There’s a lot of horror with animated headless bodies… but what about disembodied floating heads?! There are a few… the Toclafane from Doctor Who really creeped me out at the time it first aired. This page follows on from page 7.83 where our little gang of intrepid second year cadets… Olga, Sun, Jasmeen, Brelvis and Olaf have found the body of teammate Ornuk. Fortunately, Olaf, being a healing necromancer appears to have brought him back… kind of. But who will heal Olaf??

Jump little rat!: Olaf’s rodent friend first appeared in The Olaf Mystery when he was reanimated by Olaf… he might have a name…

Raspy: Some folks who have seen a preview of this page have wondered how Olaf could possibly be speaking (given there is usually a need for lungs to push air through vocal cords for this to happen)… clearly Olaf has other means and as long as there are still vocal cords then some version of raspy speech remains possible. I know VileTerror has some thoughts on this and various other matters Olaf and is invited to share. 😀

Anyway, this page, phew, seemed simple enough when I drafted it but, wow, a lot more time intensive than expected.

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 95 is now up… page 96 is, as you might guess by now, running a bit later than expected, should go up in 12-18 hours…  😎

Next update: Sunday January 17, 2021: What is the freakiest thing you’ve seen today?… Oh yeah? How about now?