Kick in the guts:  No surprise that Tom Bass, blinded by rage over Freya’s horrific and cold blooded murder by Sista Superior, has stumbled into this first year cadet error… disappointing though! Maybe he should retake the curriculum… oh, wait, he can’t. He dead. And this probably isn’t much of a surprise either… keen eyed readers already spotted Tom, looking somewhat deceased, way back on page 7.08.

Does this mean we are getting closer to those apocalyptic events? Yep.

Heatwave:  Sorry for the delay, currently working through a summer heatwave down here in Australia. Several days in a row of 40C/100+F (without air-con) make it very hard to focus on drawing, as you might imagine. It’s slowed me down a bit but I’m still working…

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 98 is now up… page 99 should go up in 1-2 days…  😎

Next update: Sunday January 31, 2021: She-Hog and Full Metal Frog! Hoping to have it up by this coming Sunday.