Mindmistress and Rochelle Kwan: Buying the Stairway to Heaven: and so we kick off our first ever crossover story! Possibly you’ve already heard of Al Shroeder’s webcomic Mindmistress featuring the smartest superhero ever… yep, smarter even than Magellan’s own super brainy first year cadet Rochelle Kwan – and that’s saying something!!

Not all that long after I had started Magellan, Al – who had already been working on MM for a number of years – suggested that Mindmistress could be a tutor for Rochelle… and I agreed!! Well over a year ago now, I asked Al what he thought of a crossover adventure featuring Mindmistress and Rochelle – which he readily agreed to. And so this next story on Magellan – Buying the Stairway to Heaven – is the end result of our combined labours.

Al and I cooked up the story between us, Al wrote it and I drew it – 24 pages in total, guest starring a few other familiar Magellan characters and a totally original ‘baddie’.

Al and I are pretty excited by this – hope you can join us for the ride!

Rochelle, at this stage, is a lesser known cadet. You can see her previous appearances in the following pages:

  • 1.44 – first appearance in which she meets Kaycee and Nadine.
  • 2.50 – she and Anka attempt to take on Maya and Lyta in the Challenge Event.
  • 4.72-4.73 – Rochelle assesses her team mates…
  • 4.98-4.103 – Red Team tackles Robo-Evil Weevil.

Trivia: Rochelle was one of the original characters I devised for Magellan, back in the days when it was intended to be much, much smaller in scale with… um… about 5 cadets (with no Kaycee, no Fatima… etc)!

Who is Mindmistress?: I strongly recommend this MM primer to get you up to speed on all things MM!

Other Mindmistress crossovers: At the time this story ran MM was also starring in The Crossoverlord … she is currently starring in Crossoverkill along with Hoodoo from Force Magellan.

Copyright: Mindmistress is copyright Al Schoeder 2008