Dr Spooky & Otto

Dr Spooky & Otto: The Case of the Absent Corpse was a voter incentive/reward available via Top Webcomics (TWC). Voting for Magellan on TWC helps to push us up the list and increase the exposure of the comic to other potential readers.

The story has now finished and is collected below...


Dr Spooky & Otto

Dr Spooky & Otto
reintroduces two popular characters previously seen in the main pages of Magellan.
  • Dr Spooky – aka Gunther Horsley - had his first appearance in a cameo on page 4.120.
    He's a mystic and reserve member of Magellan USA. He had an expanded role during Redux, starting from page 8.
  • Otto is a Fassbender demon who has possessed/hidden within Dr Spooky's 1950s hearse.
    As such the hearse appears to levitate, drive itself and can talk. Otto first appeared in Redux page 9.
  • New characters - funeral director Nina Svelte and two demons - are also introduced!


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