The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 5: Move on! Nothing to see!
Could it be Olaf still has a trick or two?
Grace: So this was a fairly messy kind of needed to be to prove that there was no coming back from the brutal accident Svetty had just experienced. At least not via natural means!

VileTerror: And we get our first look at Olaf’s powers!  There will be more on the nature of these powers shortly, and then even more details later on as the story unfolds.  I mean, Olaf’s powers-which-aren’t-hovering, at least.

Speaking of ... some of you may wonder why Olaf is at the bottom of the Tower if floating across the Leap was an option.  Considering/all/ the other cadets are at the bottom too, it appears that this particular training exercise was divided in to portions.  Everyone gets a single “go” at the Leap, and then heads down to the bottom, probably for a speech or a lesson. (Grace: and so the others can laugh at those who don’t make it across!)!



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