The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

The Olaf Mystery is a Magelanverse story written by VileTerror and Grace Crowley, with art by Grace.

The story was originally serialised through Top Webcomics... my sincere gratitude to everyone who voted.

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Dr Spooky & Otto
Grace: Many thanks to long time reader VileTerror who provided such a great story concept and script for me to work with here. One thing I particularly enjoy about working on Magellan is that it is so full of possibility and, despite being the person who put it all together in the first place, it still constantly surprises me. Mostly those surprises come from my own brain, but when someone else has an idea that shines a light on an unexplored corner or obscure character of the Magellanverse it can really grab my attention. And that is what happened here.

As the name suggests, The Olaf Mystery is about Olaf… one of the new batch of first year cadets who introduced in a cameo of the Olga & Brelvis mini-strips miniseries in the very last frame. You can’t be more obscure than that! All that changes when this short story puts Olaf under the microscope.

The above image is the story cover (you can't have a story without a cover!).

VileTerror: I’ve long been a fan of Grace’s work, and having this opportunity to work with her has cemented that appreciation.  The Magellanverse is deeply interesting to me, containing so much potential and being expressed so thoughtfully.  I feel proud of the part I played in writing this particular short story, and I hope that all of you will enjoy what Grace and I have made.


Magellan Grace Crowley 2004-20