Olga & Brelvis

Olga & Brelvis is a voter incentive/reward available via Top Webcomics (TWC). Voting for Magellan on TWC helps to push us up the list and increase the exposure of the comic to other potential readers. So... thanks for your vote! With the first introductory "arc" finished all 20 strips have now been publicly collected here.

Olga & Brelvis cover
Olga & Brelvis

Cover Art
Sleeping Arrangements #1
Sleeping Arrangements
One Upmanship #5
One Upmanship
One Upmanship #5
Meet the Freshers

part 1
Meet the Freshers #1
Meet the Freshers

part 2
Olga & Brelvis reintroduces two characters previously seen in the main pages of Magellan.
  • Olga Beh was formerly Gola Beh, a telepath and founding member of the International Justice Force (IJF), Force Magellan and the Magellan Academy. At age 74 she was attacked by another powerful telepath and lost all her memory past the age of 34; some months later she was mystically deaged to (approx) 15 years old (while still retaining her memory to age 34). She requested and was granted - admission as a cadet in the Academy.
    [See Redux and associated notes]
  • Brelvis Lonsdog was formerly Brian Lonsdale and his pet dog Elvis - blended together in a deliberate (but ill-advised) science experiment and now inseparable. Identifying as both human and canine, Brelvis has a close association with second year cadet Kaycee Jones and has been admitted into the Academy.
    [See sequence at 1.06-1.09 (for origin) and 1.60 (first apperance as Brelvis)]

Other cadets are also introduced in this series (most intakes are between 20-30 cadets for each new year, there are 26 in this year). See the notes on the respective pages for more info. A number of these cadets debuted in the main Magellan comic with a cameo on page 6.29!


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