If this page seems to come a bit out of nowhere all I can say is that it was  planned right at the start of the story – see page 5.21 where Kaycee talks about requesting to be on the Sydney field trip for “family business”. I did consider having Kaycee worrying about making it through the attack on Oz Magellan so she could still deal with her family business but there was so much going on there didn’t seem to be a good place to insert it. True to form, Kaycee likes to keep her personal business personal. All the same I guess some follow-up reference would have been useful and might have built some anticipation.

This is the first time we’ve seen Kaycee’s mother – Janice Jones – since her brief, one page appearance way, way, way back on page 1.05! So yes, her mother does know she’s at a superhero academy… which is why she expected Kaycee’s fellow cadets to be a bit more unusual in appearance. The reality filter is of course being provided by Maya and we’re seeing the scene the way Janice perceives it. I had a bit of fun with this page – the mind mojo is only basic enough to make the non-human aspects of the cadets look human enough using various visual tricks. Back in the early days of the Uncanny X-Men they used to use a gadget to make Nightcrawler appear human but they ditched that idea at some point – I quite liked the concept and modified it here using Maya.

It’s also the first time we’ve seen Brelvis looking mostly like his old self, Brian, since the scene where he rather ill-advisedly used his father’s genetic blender prototype to turn himself and Elvis the dog into “Brelvis” – see page 1.08! It can be assumed that Janice does not know about that incident, nor would the news about Brian/Brelvis’ father George Lonsdale be public yet.

For those of you new to Magellan, or who need a bit of a refresher: Kaycee and her older sister Alexis were abducted by Al Brunton, a psycopathic bastard in a clown mask, when Kaycee was about seven years old (ten years ago in the current time frame); Alexis was murdered and Brunton was in the process of burying Kaycee alive when he was stopped by Go!Anna (herself not long out of Magellan Academy). None of this has been depicted directly or in flashback but has been heavily aluded to in many places – try the following pages… 1.30 (images from tactile psychic Mudge Wilson’s contact with Kaycee); 2.11 (discussing the incident with empathic counsellor Freya Foster); 4.14 (bad memories for Kaycee, and about the only time we really see that Alexis looks a fair bit like Kaycee); 4.23 (Go!Anna’s recollection of the incident); and 4.201 (Kaycee gets some first aid psychotherapy from the psychic alien Vostok)… whew!

OK, the only other thing I’ll say about this page is that Waverly Cemetary is indeed a real location in Sydney – and yes, in case you were wondering, the establishing shot is basically a photoreference – it’s not far from the “world famous” Bondi Beach and has great ocean views for the deceased!