The Things That Matter 01: For those of you wondering if this was a prequel story… you were right! Mind you, a number of other chapters have started in the past then shifted to modern day, but this one is going to stay firmly in 2002.

We start with Go!Anna graduating – and if you remember a slightly earlier date, sorry, that was my fault – I had made a calculation mistake, but have fixed that now.

So who else was in the Class of 2002? Why, to the far left it’s The Man Who Can! Tucked in behind him is Maestro (who is kicking with Magellan USA) And to the other side of TMWC in the hot pink and white is Vybe (probably better known to us as counsellor Freya Foster). The guy in red is Der Rote Verteidiger (aka The Red Defender, never seen before but name dropped by Sioni here). Between him and Go!Anna is Phlache (a speedster currently making a guest appearance in the voting incentive story Legacy). Who is snake lady and man in green? Good question… “oh look! A shiny puppy!”

Anyway, we also see Gola Beh in her role as a member of the Academic Council. If you need a reminder of who she is and what happened to her, read Redux! And yes, looks like Ken Spence didn’t have his floaty chair in 2002. Also the guy to the far right (positional, not political) of the second panel is the former Chinese Lantern… originally from International Justice Force some decades earlier.

Where is this headed? I suspect many long time readers already have a pretty good idea, and cadet Kaycee Jones alludes to it in that link I provided for Vybe/Freya above.

Next update: Sunday April 1, 2018: No jokes, promise!

Legacy: There’s a new voting incentive about the Magellanverse’s speedsters, including the very first… The Streaker. Next update will be April 1, keep an eye on the blog or RSS feed. Voting gives you access to the current page, raises Magellan’s profile and hopefully scores us a few more readers (oh, and BTW, pages might contain nudity!).