OK – so it’s been a looong time since we’ve seen Force Magellan together in the pages of this comic (the end of Chapter 4 to be exact). Comprising team leader Vertigo, Epoch (father to Charisma), The Hierophant, alien Tros, Ranger Bill and witch Hoodoo they are the top team within the overall Magellan hierarchy – see the cast page for a few more deets. Now… what the @#$% are they talking about?

  • The Master Assassin is the leader of the Character Assassin cult – we’ve seen representations of the Assassins in these pages but they debuted in Crossoverkill (the crossover comic co-starring the aforementioned Hoodoo) see the sequence starting here for the whole story of the Master Assassin’s capture (including Character Assassin “alpha character” theology and what happened to the Master Assassin’s nose, ears and, er, other bits).
  • Vertigo “dies today”! The time travelling Chroners Maverick, Psi-Jector and Thorn (future reality versions of Kaycee, Mudge and Montana-Rose) mentioned this in passing on page  4.241 – a gold star if you remembered that! Will it come true? Stay tuned!
  • Hoodoo’s… pregnant??? Yes. Yes she is. “Wait, isn’t she meant to be in Crossoverkill?” This story takes place several months post the events of Crossoverkill (sorry… a slight obvious spoiler… yes, she survives. I had hoped Crossoverkill might be finished by now). As for who the father might be… it’ll probably be fairly evident to Crossoverkill readers, more on that as this story progresses. 🙂