So you were expecting to actually see the Anti-President? Magellan USA in action? Since Gola didn’t get to go along on the ride I wouldn’t count on it! It was all part of the plan (by me, at any rate) to get Gola on her lonesome so the real mischief can begin. And it will really get underway with the next few pages. Mind you, it would have been cool to draw a million zombies!

In today’s update we get to see more of Battlestar’s armour – and you might notice he doesn’t exactly appear to have legs… so does that make him a very short dude or does he actually have no legs? We may find out in this story if the opportunity presents. BTW, that last frame is meant to be a shot looking south-west(ish) with the tip of Manhatten to the right, the success of the “accuracy” of that geogrphic depiction may be a bit rubbery (which is why it’s so blurry).