So while Epoch, Twilight, Go!Anna and others blab away, what are the cadets doing… other than just bobbing around whinging and gossiping that is? Well, that’s about all they are doing it would seem!

It has been a while since our attention was focused here – not since the sequence starting on page 6.185 – in the top frame we have Sioni, Nadine and Charisma (in case you need reminding). Second frame features Gabby, Billy and Rochelle. Which brings us to Kaycee, Fatima and Brelvis (so many characters in one page!).

You may recall that Brelvis, under the mind control of Brainspike, joined the group here after chasing third year cadets Hamish and Janice, and then attacked Charisma. Twilight makes a comment about reversing Brainspike’s influence over Brelvis on page 6.190.

As for Brelvis – you may recall he was fighting with a security guard just before the telepathic attach on Locke Island. His particular nightmare telepathic coma was interrupted by Brainspike on page 6.130

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